I appreciate your comments about doing your own DD.  The maps published by IFR and MGM have to be viewed as containing some self promotion.  The big difficulty I have with the going to the NEB is that the logs are not processed for shale matrix.  As a result, the porosity etc. are not right.  MGM is the only one to publish logs that have been reprocessed using Elan which gives TOC, HC saturation, shale corrections, water saturation,porosity etc.  This is a big help. 

I did look at the data available for the NWT Geoscience department.  There are a couple of good studies which really help with the rock properties.  They did XRD on lots of sample.  The bottom line is good.  Lots of silica, not much clay hence the rock should fracture like your windshield when a baseball hits it.  This will definitely help recoveries. 

With respect to IFR, I am looking for a reason to buy.  I would like be more diversified than just owning MGM.  I think Husky could get a big boost but I am looking for a 10 bagger at least. 

I have some economic programs that I can run IFR through if you could give me the net acreage they hold.  I will use the Husky reserves figures of 50 million bbls per section OOIP with a 6 % recovery factor.  Husky says that they are going to go with 6 wells per section so it should be an easy calculation to figure out what IFR acreage is worth per share.