I think your geography is a bit off as Wilma is far closer to the Enbridge line that your post stated.  IFR has freehold land in the area as well.  I think the board is starting to gather steam again.  THis is great.  Montana is still not dead and I think the NWT is just starting to ramp up again.  MGM is an interesting play but with the share structure of MGM vs 59 million shares for IFR my math says I like where I am.  Am I happy my investment has been stalled for many years....no I am not.  Do I think we have another run in us....yes I do.  NIce little TFSA play i think.

I think if everyone were to look at the Wilma discovery at the NEB site and look back on the shows from Betty we are amongst the various structures in play.  Husky spent $500 million on land they think will have what we have already found.  How much is our's worth then divided by 59 million shares.  Just a thought.  GLTA