Perhaps I made a mistake, but I belieive that EL 441 expired in May 2011 and Husky forfeited its deposit of $2.6 million. So it could have been posted for the 2012 land sale if it was prospective for oil.  This is the one that was adjacent to the Summit and Steward SDLs.

EL 443 expired May 2012 and they forfeited $1.2 million.  I think we can agree that this one is in the dry gas window.

Husky could also have re-entered the wells on the Summit discovery and tested the Canol.  Given their interest in the Canol I am not sure why they allowed the two blocks to expire and not sure why they don't seem to be interested in re-entering the Summit well..  Maybe they don't think they are prospective??.  Husky clearly seems to think that the best lands are to the north. 

I have mapping which shows that the Summit and Stewart SDL are on the edge of the wet gas window with the most southern Imperial block being in the dry gas window.   Could you send me the reports of oil that you referred to.  Was this a DST?  That would be convincing. 

The mapping of the oil and gas windows is crude as there is limited well control and even more limited data.  It is based upon a combination of organic content, vitrinite refliection, Tmax and stucture data.  All which is pretty limited.  The Canol in the Summit SDL is in a bit of a hole with the top of the Canol being around 2,200 metres.   The deeper parts of the formation are subject to higher temperature which make it more likely that the kerogen got cooked into gas or wet gas.  I believe that the MGM well being drilled this winter will hit the top of the Canol around 1,200 metres.