Thank you for your comments.  I agree that the management of the company is a good reason to invest.  Not sure what you are seeing in the NWT lands.  Do you think the Canol is prospective for oil or do think the Summit discovery is economic?  I think IFR is going to have a really hard time surviving for long enough to realize the value of its assets. 

With regards to Alaska, $150 per acres is truly peanuts.  Good shale properties go for $5,000 to $10,000 per acre.  I thought the low price was a negative to Conoco's acquisition.  With regard to the Shublik shale, I agree it probably sourced the Prudhoe field.  The USGS has a report on that.  It might be really good, but Great Bear has given nothing out other than a lot of big talk.  It may be completely justified, but I would love to see some reservoir parameters like TOC, porosity, water saturation, etc to back it up.  There recent excuses for abandonding their testing program didn't make sense.   However, if the Alaska shale play works, ROYL will be great.  So best of luck on that one.

One speculative stock you might want to take a look at is MGM Energy.  Drop me a line if you want and I can pass some stuff on to you.  I am a petroleum engineer with 35 years of experience in Canada, so know a little bit about the Canol and other plays.