Hi Oil Eng the reason I like IFR is two fold first the management style of the CEO.(ihave got to know him a bit) Also I am a speculator and I disagree with youe assesment of the NWT.lands that IFR has a JV with Husky.

As for ROYL I have got to know the CEO a bit and of course he may not remember me.I must say that the Ak.project is truly a speculation on my part and of course it is very speculative for any organization such as ROYL.RE the Alaska project it is based on a theory held by the Head Geo of ROYL that the oil  in Prudoe Bay was sourced by the shale fairway nearby. The fact that this theory may be correct is that Conoco Phillips in the last  AK lese  sale paid about $150 an  acre for just a sliver of land next to ROYL who paid about 20 bucks an acre for much much more land.We shall see.I am personnly grateful for your analysis of Great Bear.  Gettig back to the Bakken lands I think and tend to agree with the folks at Rosetta and Newfield. The Junior market is still not healthy enuf for the CEO of IFR to get a partner to front all the expense of drilling a well on his royalty lands IMHO. So I continue to speculate on ROYL and IFR. altho I have quit buying IFR as I own about 17 times my current HIGH amount per shares allocation per stock.Maybe we shall see in my lifetime about IFR. I go to Edmonton and Calgary and Loyldminister every June.  Perhaps we can get together for a cup of coffee.if you are based in the province.Best regards, Warren in San Jose Ca.