All around us.  There is still some bark left in the dog.  Husky found some oil in NWT and you may find our area there the next big shale oil play.  Montana is just starting to get timely.  DTX to our north and PIE to our south.  To our west drilling continues even if Rosetta to our east had some issues with their fracking.  Our timelines in Montana are 2013=2014 if memory serves me well.  That is when the lands need to be drilled or they give up opp and revery back to IFR discretion.  Some come due in 2015 as well.  IFR will then bring in folks to drill, not on our dime!  I am set here, just adding more WZR now.  Good luck to all and you may want to consider some IFR for your TFSA.  At these levels you might just blow your TFSA to the moon with a small run.  I hope to put another 70000 in mine so please keep this thing at .08 or less Jan 1st please.  Opens up room for other purchases a year after the sale of a 6 -10 bagger.  Remember when we first announced Montana and she bounced to .31?  How much bounce do we get with a shale oil boom in NWT or drilling announced on one of our tracks in Montana?  Just a thought.