stockguruking - I agree....thanks. 

None of the fundamentals have changed, and just like any stock on the venture exchange, we can't get emotional with the short term swings (or let bashers....that spell words like "huver", get to you).

Some people are shortterm (or very short term) traders, and live for the quick buying and selling (whether it goes up or down), and play off the swings of the market, as well as the swings of emotions in people.

ICO had a great run up in price, and will undoubtably have another......however, it is all irrelevant to those that actual care about the fundamentals of the company and will be long term holds (not just the share price).   Until things are proven, and the share price hits the roof (or floor).  Once results, agreements, news, etc....start coming out, the company's story will evolve, and the share price will be a sympton.

jdstox......I think we all welcome your posts, and anybody's posts that have something informative (or questions), or answers, whether positive or negative.  So long as they have content.   And just ignore anything else that doesnt (giving uneducated bashes any kind of response, only gives them motiviation and credibility).

good luck to all the longs (although i dont believe it is luck.....just time).