I don't see any of them, as I've blocked them all. I have not blocked you, because every once in awhile you have something informative/relevant to say. You probably can't see this because you say you have blocked me as well. Apparently you don't like my call them like I see them attitude. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make money, as I'm quite sure everyone is. I'm a short term trader (not a day trader) and don't mind admitting to that fact. I don't believe in holding stocks for extended periods of time and I have done very well using that strategy. I have been burnt too many times in the past to go back to holding; but each to their own. I am officially back into ICO and happy with my decision to get back in. I would read your blog, but apparently I am not allowed. Good luck with your investing; but keep it real, keep it truthful and last but not least chill out and stop arguing with the bashers here. You are only hurting the board and yourself. They are loving every minute of it. Whether you have enjoyed my little rant or not here is of no consequence to me as you will not hear from me again as you are right this board is now officially a joke.