Below is a solid statement from the Chairman and President of ISIS Pharm....iCo's main partner for the 007 asset.

Dr. Stanley Crooke - Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Thanks, Rogerio. Every single person at Isis feels privileged to be involved in bringing a new medicine to patients. Every single person at Isis shares in that special privilege. And every single person at Isis feels particularly privileged to bring KYNAMRO to patients with this terrible disease. We believe that KYNAMRO will be an important new therapy for these patients who do have significant cardiovascular risk despite best available therapies. And so this is an important day for those of us and all of us too who cares so much about these patients. It is in some ways every bit is important for the technology and for the pipeline.

We believe that the approval of KYNAMRO paves the way for many drugs that we have in development behind KYNAMRO. We have 26 drugs in development. We have 5 drugs that we believe that have the potential to get to the market in the next five years. These are drugs to treat cancer, severe and rare and numerous other diseases, where there is a significant unmet medical need. We think our technology can uniquely fill these unmet medical needs. And we look forward to bringing these important new medicines to the market. Also within the next year or so, we have 9 other drugs hitting critical clinical data milestones in Phase 2, Phase 3. So, KYNAMRO very much is simply the first news event of the year. So, you will need to stay tuned.