This stock could fall back or move up but at the end of the day the story has not changed. The company fundamentals and assets have only moved forward on all fronts since I first decided to invest in ico...  In a tough tough venture maket, this stock has out performed 90% of the game.  I didn't buy in cause it was a pump or a scam but a real fundamentally sound company. 

Managment has a ton of skin in the game. More money invested then most pumpers or bashers on this board. Andrew Rae is the co founder and has been waiting for this time since 2005. 

Ico has good share structure and partnerships in place. Although the company had a terrible institutional raise at .45. The company did get a financing done in tough market conditions. Another reason why I think the stock seems to be bouncing from 65-73c is the warrants both from the 30 and 60c levels.  Short term pains for long term gains I see it as. Hopefully those warrants will help raise enough funds for ico to complete the trial and the money issues will be taken care of. I really think this company will not have to finance any more and it's only a matter of time until it trades through that terrible 45c financing paper and 60c warrants. 

All signs are pointing to a positive trial and its up to Andrew and the company to produce a winning drug or partnership. If that happens, it's a game changer.. Ico is not to a scam.. Not a pump but a real company moving forward on all fronts. 

Good luck moving forward to all. Sell..  Buy... Short.. Do whatever... That's the beauty of the stock market... All I know is that this story just keeps getting better, not worse.