Quote from Bio World Today (see Immune website).


In addition to EpiCept’s clinical-stage assets, which

Teper called “synergistic” with Immune’s pipeline, the

deal offered Immune access to the public markets. In fact,

Immune expects to generate $25 million to $30 million from

the closing of the transaction and a follow-on fi nancing,

which will fund the company for about two years, according

to Teper.

Although numerous MAbs are in clinical development,

bertilimumab is supported by “very strong science” and

offers the ability to address multiple markets, Teper

added. Behind IBD, the company is exploring severe

asthma and other respiratory indications, and programs

in ophthalmology, dermatology, oncology and neurology

could follow.

“The fact that we have a product that has initial clinical

data, has a novel target, supports multiple indications and

upon successful development has the potential of being

an industry blockbuster with multiple billions of dollars in

sales is a signifi cant differentiation for a young company,”

Teper said.