2.5 Days = $2MM

The smart money comes in when they feel derisked - they will pay more, but want some of the risk removed.  In a matter of 2.5 trading days last week ICO traded +$2MM in stock.  The aggressive nature of the buying is telling.


The Partner: JDRF

ICO's partner on this trial is Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) - this organization happens to be the single largest global leader in Diabetes related research.  Would JDRF get behind a little Vancouver based company if they weren't VERY confident that the possibility of Phase II success was relatively high?  Have a read on the the JDRF website and familiarize yourself with the stringent due diligence process they go through before awarding funding.


Best Performer in 2012 and 2013?

The major catalysts: Phase II Clinical Update, Phase II Interim Data, 007 Regional Deal, 008 milestones, 008 partner (Immune Pharmaceuticals) go public event, etc. are ALL slated for the new year.  ICO could end up being the best performing Canadian health care story for 2012, but the major milestones are right around the corner in 2013.