I have been in and out of ico for many years and although i have had very bad feelings during the low periods i always beleived the actual product had serious merit. Which is what will make this company different from those the nay sayers are trying to compare ico to. This drug has been proven safe already and is about to be proven effective (fingers crossed) in one of the largest markets in the wealthy nations (diabetes). If i were a diabetic sufferer the one aspect of my immediate health i would be most concerned with is my sight and I would certainly be hoping for a more effective treatment (007). If these results are as we all hope they will be this company is ripe for sale and the stock price will reflect that in the near term. I think in the futures hindsight, people will have wished they got in before the news hits next week which is what all the big volumes are reflecting. The large volumes lately to europe lead me to think there may be induviduals who know or at least beleive one of these pharmacuticals Rae has visited may be aligning themselves for a purchase. My best guess is this company would sell for 250MM to 500MM putting the stock value in the $5-10 range. A prepurchase stock price of $2-4 is then reasonable as the risk is lessened due to the prelim phase II results.