you're sugar coating the obvious which is there's a massive wall in this market because of the $0.30 warrants (now and $0.60 once we break $0.70) and if anyone here thinks that they're going to see $1.00 on this thing any time soon, you're all way to inebriated from the cool-aid! i'm surprised no one here has a headache from all the sugar in the cool-aid!

since july 2nd, this thing has traded 21 million shares and gone from $0.54 to $0.26 and back up. lots of paper, way more than it should take for a company in phase 2 clinical trials. definitely someone with a big position looking to get off whatever they can. the market doesn't lie!

the only positive thing i can say at this time is we probably won't see any tax loss selling in ico this year because of the current share price. i wonder how long that will last?

the often imitated, never duplicated, wanted by many and hated by none.............


ps, looks like they're going to be out of money soon and more dilution on its way!