Everyone's down and out? Not sure I agree...
V.ICO: Doubled in H2 2012, possible 10-bagger in the year ahead.
V.BTI: Tripled over the last 12 months, possible 5 bagger in the next 3 months.
T.RVX: Probable 5-bagger in H2, 2013 with a lift starting in mid-Q1, 2013, maybe a 10-bagger by August/September.
V.???: Possible 5-bagger over 3 to 6 months.
It's been a great year and 2013 promises to be the best ever for many of us in the same space. I don't feel down and out at all. And the daily fluctuations of ICO mean nothing to me. All I care about is the story. That hasn't changed much although we're slipping out of 2012 without much resolution. Possibly the choice of year end as a date for certain news was a little arbitrary. News has a habit of chossing its own timeline. The company seems to be sticking with the prediction that the preliminary iDEAL results will come this year. The Immune (ICO-008) news looks like a Q1 story.