Agreed TB, once Immune does the raise they are likely going to try and buy thuy those shares from iCo. The two events might be linked, i.e. iCo gets paid after the raise. One good thing to note is that Immune has to come to terms with iCo for that to happen. This in turn giuves iCo negotiation power over the price they accept for those shares.

What I found amazing in Immune's interview was his refernce to another Company undergoing phase 2 that inlisted on the Nasdaq with a valuation of 600 million dollars. I imagine that iCo's managmenbt will not wait very long before having a propper listing in the US. I imagine early next year, this along with postive results might mean a potential return of 20 fold from where iCo's current valuation stands.

I think iCo has a lot of ways to go, just need to make sure that more eyes are on the story, including analysts in the US. All this blue sky is for sure dependent on iCo delivering, but at 30 million market cap, I think the odds are in our favor.