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iCo Therapeutics Inc V.ICO

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Biotechnology
Alternate Symbol(s):  ICOTF

ICO Therapeutics, Inc. is a development stage pharmaceutical company engaged in the reprofiling and repositioning of drugs and drug candidates with a previous clinical history for new disease indications.
Price: $0.05 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 215,000 | Day High/Low: 0.055/0.05 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.59/0.05

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Things look not that bad

"Quite simply, we don't yet know enough about our patient groups and the sub-group populations to determine what exactly this data means.  To this end, further data analysis at twelve months including...read more
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From canadianinsider.com Jul 9/14 Jul 9/14 Meekison, William John Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 50,000 $0.055  rate and reply
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Its not a lot but its a start! Date Symbol Insider Buys Volume Insider Sells Volume Insider Buys Value $ Insider Sells Value $ Insider Buys Transaction Insider Sells Transaction Currency 07/09/2014...read more
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RE:RE:9m net cash and less than 5m cap, what do you think?

Oh buddy, now that's funny, especially in light of the 7/3 Sedar filing. You KNOW it's bad when Austin Marxe jumps ship. They don't going in thr gutter, but even they know when to avoid the rat...read more
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RE:9m net cash and less than 5m cap, what do you think?

I think sp is manipulated by some big fish. sells in the past few days were all from retail investors, i am waiting a big volume down, then we will go up quickly to its cash value level.  rate and reply
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9m net cash and less than 5m cap, what do you think?

9m net cash and less than 5m cap, what do you think?  rate and reply
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RE:RE:The only thing one should invest in here is a lawsuit

Don't blame him, maybe he bought ico above 0.3.  rate and reply
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RE:The only thing one should invest in here is a lawsuit

WOW, A member since June 10 2014. One might think that you opened up this account just to bash ICO.  rate and reply
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The only thing one should invest in here is a lawsuit

Just a catastropic scam, folks. Catastrophic. Management needs to answer WHY they failed to disclose drop-outs.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:We'll Get That Bounce Very Soon!

Macd and RSI getting stronger.  Although it,s highly possible that 01 unloads at 0.05, after that we will quickly see 0.06 and higher.  It is absolutely oversold.  rate and reply
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nopressedcarbon, something tells me it won't be this P@$!   these are my thoughts, not yours, i'm...............   #toindwbmahbnDRJ! aka Mr Wonderful   ps i'm also the seer of all, the royal vizier if...read more
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oh oh dr what stock is going to rocket next?  rate and reply
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$0.05 bid....... wow, i think i was the only one about 6 months ago that saw that coming.    oh well, just another day in paradise over here!   these are my thoughts, not yours, i'm......................read more
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RE:RE:We'll Get That Bounce Very Soon!

Got in yesterday, chances are there should be a bounce in the short term. cheers all.  rate and reply
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RE:Can't understand why people would sell at this level

I know, under water and below the cash value. Rediculous. I think alot of people who bought at 0.065 are getting out at a loss because there easy bounce never happened and they cant afford to hold...read more
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Can't understand why people would sell at this level

Everybody is underwater now  rate and reply
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RE:yep, i was right

By posting here at this point in time tells us a lot about you.  rate and reply
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News next week?

management back in town from BIO conference. GLTA  rate and reply
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yep, i was right

this thing is definitely toast...... crumbs more than melba! i wonder what the plan going forward is? come to think of it, makes no difference to me!   these are my thoughts, not yours, i'm...read more
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just checking in

i see tugginmypudha is no longer around. what a life bangin away on a stock like that. i guess between then and now i was right, he was nothing more than a 2 bit pumper looking for a place to drop his...read more