Forgive me if I am wrong, But did you not say in prior post that SD Gold second entry was ignored  at 1 dollar for reasons that they did not want them to have a higher position within ICG  and now  years later and many millions later spent on drilling , you are now placing this evaluation at 80-1 buck as being a positive ?

Did I lose something

Seems odd Marine, you keep ignoring post on matters as to why when gold was at 600 our share price was  higher with lower resources then what we are today, knowing that  gold is at 1570 an ounce and we have spent several million in drilling and that we increased that 43 101 resources? Is this a normal trend for a company that appears to aquired? I wish you could give me a few examples of companies that show this kind of trend if it is such a normal one that has a perfect explantion behind it?

If the asset climbs to 30 cents and has volumes that are triple what we have normally, that would be a sign to climb in. Call it an insurence policy premium, which is a great way to determine stability, before you did what just about every long term player on this asset did and that is average down and be puzzeled by your hype.