What was meant by, ""I did hear they felt Integra should be worth .80 to $1.00 ($68 to  $86 mill)"" was . Insiders like Mr Munday, Sheldon Inwentash and George Salamis are looking at the TSX-V grave yard valuations and where this comes to Integra they can buy at a huge discount up to .80 to $1.00 and still make a profit. Based on what they know about Lamaque as "insiders" it's like taking your shares to the pawn shop and they give you 20% of what they can make on it. Now when we get resources update (NI 43-101) and a Preliminary Economic Assessment then that will launch us to that $5.00 value,,only that may be in a with a JV or after taken over by a mid-tier with the skill set and money to do the job !