My story is not much different than yours (except the shorting part), I have averaged down many times and am kind of getting tired of having all these "buying opportunities" lol. In the last mini run up to .27 I had actually broken even, lasted all of a few hours though! I personally like all posts of substance, good or bad. Marine I suppose has to be called a pumper, but at least I can understand someone with a lot of shares trying to extend his enthusiasm about a stock. Billy on the otherhand gives nothing of value in his posts, and I question the motivations of someone who spends all their days on a bb only to cry "the sky is falling" or "Oh My God" at every share price drop. He has however said he has shorted the stock in which case I can see his motivation, and I don't see it as protecting people from getting involved in the play as much as making money on his shorts.In the end posts that provide info or insight are appreciated, which ever way they lean. I prefer the ones telling me I'll be making money on this play rather than the ones that say I've made a mistake, but I like to read them all. I hope we all make money on this play, the $40 that was tossed around is unlikely and the things for day dreams, hopefully the $2 or $5 is not.