JmGreen ,,

In my case, I did a major investment in KLA/ICG and I have seen things go  in one direction only and that direction has caused me to buy in at several stages just to lower my average over and over and over..

So for someone who played this long , I have seen more pumpers text on this board about potential buy outs years ago, pending 43 101 years ago , management changes , major  investor changes without the SP to see any kind of positive and thats fact its not defamation

But yet,  pumpers keep the board going on how tomorrow will be great and I am sure if the pumpers tone down this wait for tomorrow attitude,  that things are to be great for example $40 SP to $5 buyouts to $2 buyouts now when yet PP have just been signed at 32 cents

But nothing on this board  slanders management in fact more of the bashing is addressed to pumpers not management  and in my mind , which I have the right to say  if Stockhouse Board chases away people who keep pumpers in check with bad comments whats the point in having a board.

I am one of the few who wish i listen to Billy years ago on this one and to be frank, I think Billy has saved people from getting involved at share prices in the 80s 60s, 40s, 30s so what is defamation on being right. In fact I was going to an entry in the low 40s and I short it and got a ROI for the first time on ICG, but still  have a huge loss to date

I do respect your position JMGREEN, cause your not a pumper nor do you show anger and I applaud your texts im sure your no different then i was , but when you see it go from mid 80s to PPs being done over and over below 50 cents , people should be upset and should raise their tone in wondering what the heck has gone wrong during a stable market and vent out hard on what has happend over the last 3.5 years , most of all when pumpers try to place a value or an opinion that is so far fetch.

I think people should vent out more on pumpers then upset shareholders who have not seen anything positive for a very long , long tiime and that positive was when we just did a PP with gues who and that why I wish that investor would have remained pro active