On the discussion of the past. We are a new company with new people running the direction of where they want to go. I think talking about the past means we live in the past, and there is no hope.  But do I know about the past, a lot more than you would think. I have been in and out of this one for over 10 years. Lost some with low investment, and then bought in big time when it was at the very bottom and sold for a 3 bagger. I now like to think of this as a totally new company, with bringing new people in that are real mining guys, and it keeps me focused on what they are now doing. I am also back in as I believe we have the potential for a winner, no other reason than that. I have done a lot of DD on this with maps of the area, to find out what companies are close by, the manpower of miners in the area, the drilling companies, and infrastructure to give me a potential of what to expect.

On the other point of oz in the ground Its very costly to get more oz in narrow vein resources. You put a lot of holes in the ground to prove up a resource. You have the pinching of the veins and grades, and that is costly. So to me if they can prove up another 300,000 oz to add to what they have, then we have a real winner. Do I think they can prove up more, you bet, but that requires more drilling. The other real item is with so much showing up can the resource be mined by bulk, and if so that is a whole other story. So before I got back in I talked to ICG and asked about their plans, and the original plan was to be taken over after they could prove up enough to prove the potential of the property. I think they will have accomplished most of that this year. I have talked to them since, about 5 months ago and they say that they are talking to others in the area along with the Chinese, and there are lots of possibilities, but its all just talk at that point, in other words no one is bidding on the project just yet, they are all waiting. So the drilling and the results are what will make the deal, and we know the drilling is a success, and now we need the 43-101. So from my stand point if we add another 300,000 oz., (by the way that is $500 million worth of gold ) for a junior with limited funds that will be ok as it proves that a big deep pocket company could prove up a lot more, with a lot more funds. Those big deep pocket companies are within 6 miles of this property.

Now all juniors are risk, and so you look for the ones that have the hidden potential. Does that totally remove the risk. Nope! But bashers are sometimes so very very negative, that they will not accept even one positive, and have a real discussion, so when they run a board, I stop posting, as its not worth the time to post to ignorant posters. I just do my own DD and buy when I find a company that is way below its market value.