I completely agree with you Pickeral, but I do understand that some people can and are aloud to post their frustration with this company, but some people are WAY overboard. 

If someone said everything KLA-ICG has done up until 2012 has been useless, I would have to agree. Updating a 43-101 which did nothing for the company, having every CEO after Richard that knew nothing about mining didnt help either. I have been with this play for many many years and I am getting tired of absolutely no increase in resource that KLA-ICG has had a part of.

I believe in the area and the play, I now believe in management, still not sure on how Steven De Jong snuck in there though. I have lost a lot of money on this play with this company and I am done with this averaging down c rap. When will it end !!

Pickeral, you state,We could discuss the potential of the new resource calculation, that should be out very soon, on how close we will be to getting to 1 million oz.

If I waited all this time to just get to the 1mil/oz mark I will not be pleased at all along with several others I am sure, although it is better than nothing. I do believe the new management will add value to the resource but they are so new to the play I dont think we will see real value until 2014 when they have had a chance to spend all of the 5 million in the purse for drilling, that is unless Mother nature surprises us all.

Go Herve and go ICG!! Im keeping my fingers crossed that I will at least break even this year.

I am in until the end of 2014 but I will not be giving another penny to this company. My tongue is getting raw from licking my wounds.


P.S. this is in no bashing and if it does come across as that, I will plead insanity at my court case.

P.S.S this is not silverbuck, this is his split personality Frank