A lot of bashers are starting to disappear from the boards as the companies are having no more of this garbage and are starting to sue the pants off those who post nonsense about the companies. They have gotten search warrants to posters places of business, and homes, and this is getting serious to the bashers as they think they are hidden on these boards and can say what every they want about a company. The legal suites are in the millions of dollars of defamation by the companies against the posters. Below I have listed just one that I copied and there are more as the companies find out what there legal rights are. We have a basher here that has posted so much rubbish that its hard to distinguish facts from fiction. He wants to live in the past as if his opinion is at all balanced to what is now happening with this company. His constant posts about low grades are just a fiction of his imagination, and have no reality to what the company is reporting. His lack of real evaluation of this company are so wanting, and it seems like his only purpose is to chase away new posters to real discussion on where this company is now going. If you post one logical post, he follows up with a bashing post, and will not reply to any logic, as he is the only one that seems to have wisdom on the direction we are going. He ignores the new bright people the company has brought on stream in the last year, as it does not fit in with the bashing of the company that he wants to do.  If he was not here we could have some real discussion of the many mills in the area and the potential of a buy out of this company. We could discuss the potential of the new resource calculation, that should be out very soon, on how close we will be to getting to 1 million oz. We could also be discussing the area that ICG is in and its merits to the high skilled workers etc in the area. We could be discussing the property and its many targets, and the potential of each. We could also discuss the new people (as I mentioned above) and what they have done in the past and what they will bring to ICG. We could have a logical discuss on where we think the company will go from here. Will they keep drilling and raise cash or start a production plan. etc. etc. Some have said to put him on ignore, but that does not solve the problem for new posters, and new investors that come here, and just disappear. So!!!!

I hope the company reads this post, and just maybe they will start looking to copying all his past posts to see where he has gone over the line, and if he keeps posting untrue facts about the company, to sue the pants off of him.

JIMHO (just in my humble opinion)

anonymity does not mean immunity.

Augen Gold Corp. and its chief executive officer, David Mason, have won a court order directing Stockhouse Publishing Ltd. to help identify three forum posters thatAugen and Mr. Mason are suing for defamation. The order, entered in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on Tuesday, July 26, directs Stockhouse to provide any information that could identify "WhattheF," "beachman" and "Clchan," including their IP and e-mail addresses.

more: http://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item.aspx?bid=Z-C:GLD-1867379&symbol=GLD&news_region=C

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In case, youall are wondering why some of the boards may be quieting down a bit...

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/messagedetailthread.aspx?sv=2&p=0&m=30085312&r=0&s=AMK&t=LIST#VJF9escvuz0sOCco.99


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Excellent post !!

I highly recommend everyone click through to the stockwatch link and read some of the quotes that have been cited in the suit... they are mild compared to what some have said about AMK and AMK management...


I'm forwarding this info to AMK as well.

Have a great day all !!!

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/messagedetailthread.aspx?p=30085312&m=30086781&r=0&s=AMK&t=LIST#A9MsaaDPkDdwKL9Q.99



Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/messagedetail.aspx?p=0&m=32137822&l=0&r=0&s=TUO&t=LIST#ohJZ5v5FMJQbP3qj.99