So Marine lets review this once more

Sd gold , pays a higher premium then anyone in the last 5 PP in fact 20% more. Then your saying it was not in the best interest to accept further funding from this giant and give it away even with a premium  and accept lower PP to accumulate almost 50 % of ICG from others and that all that was in the best interest of ICG?

From my eyes and I could be wrong ,  why not allow SD GOLD every chance in the world to build this asset up with creep in investments at different stages at different levels and work together with DE JONG SR and JR give the share holder a satisfaction  that for as long as the giant is investing and at the helm ,  us the shareholder have a comfort and if I am not wrong you quoted SD Gold second offer of an entry would have been at 1 dollar which is 75% more then what we are at now and imagine what a 3rd entry would have been at ???

So logic would assume we let a giant get away from being a positive influence to the growth of ICG and instead we have MUNDAY and now Pinetree who can lead us and influence HOW?  ....

Billy lets hope there are a dozen marines who think, this has hope as then we can really make some cash,  ICG took away a group that had the makings of getting this done, not sure if would have been a success , but getting it done to see if the story had a good end