Still puzzeled,,,,,,Integra will have to find a mid-teir gold mining company with the skill set and money to take the Lamaque project to the next stage. Thats for sure and why not SD Gold

So my questions is simple , if the property has the potential as what you feel they do and what management says or anyone on this board and they will be in talks or are in talks

Why is paper being handed out at 3.2 cents pre rollback and not more and why could nobody match SD GOLD first entry of what would have been 50 cents for 17% of the company which is about 20% more then any of the last PP done?

 Seems odd from my eyes, to hand out 40 % plus of the company to an investor  over the last 4 pp instead of a large tier mining group which we will need at the end  and a group who gave roughly 20% more then anyone on their first entry.... \

Unless SD GOLD lost its interest and walked away and if they walked away , dont you think they understand the positives on this project equal to anyone on this board or average investor like you and I?