So to somewhat answer your question from my perspective. The goal When they took on the company back a short time ago was to get more proven oz. and to get to over 1 million minable oz. by the end of 2013 so that they would be a take over for one of the mills in the area, and those mills do not have enough ore now. (For example they are within 6km of a huge mill that is shut down)  The news said they should have a new proven resource out the first half of this year, and with all the drilling success they should reach that goal. They will also be able to lower the grade, as the last resource was at lower gold prices, so in theory that alone will add a few more oz., and the original plan was shaft and mine, now I suspect that they must be close on one of the ore bodies to be open pit. One of the delays has been the success of each drill and that has meant they could add more oz by drilling a few more holes to add to the resource. Also some of what they are now drilling I would suspect will not be in the new calculations. So with the success they are having they will have a few options now that they did not have in the past. 1 After the news is out, and they have proven they can build more resources, they could raise enough cash to prove up even more minable oz.. 2 they could start to talk to the players in the area to see if they can get a good price for what they have. (This is what I think will happen and there could be a bidding war, if they are as successful as I think they will be) 3 If they can't get a good enough price, then they would have the option of mining some of what they have and put it through one of the idle mills in the area cheaper than building there own mill. Or any combination of the above.

You must remember that they are within miles of a world class drilling company, and all the workers want to work close to home, so the drilling costs are less than most areas.

I could go on, but I do not post much, as Billy is such a pain on nonsense posting.