What is the long term picture as it stands now for ICG. Meaning what do you see them accomplish in 2013 and 2014 ?   I mean they have gone through about 5 years of structure and a drill program with the SP to what it was when it had no money pumped into the asset and it was just an idea.

One thing I learn long ago is,  with TSX V listed companies, there usually is some concern when a plan of attack takes place and come 4-5 years latter , PP are being done at the same price that pre date back 5 years .

And from my eyes then  , what has been the progress from year 1 to now if paper is still being issued at prices from the past. Now the last PP in a good market  with gold at 1600 is what it is pre roll back 3.2 cents and I said De Jong must have looked high and low and thats what he got 3.2 cents a share and I dont blame him or management, but blame the data of what is being accumulated to encourage such a PP and SP

Marine your dedicated to this and that can be seen clear, but your missing the big picture on one thing, no matter what NR is released nothing affects the SP, the volume is not encouraging in a good safe market, PP are given away notwithstanding TSX going up and gold above 1600 ... I think in your case you have dedicated so much cash , your at the point of no return , meaning if what you said is true on your entries your bordering being an insider almost and you cant turn back and this asset is making you look bad on just about every wait and see news that comes about.

Did you everything that just maybe your wrong and its time to think about shorting to see if you can see a exit or a ROI  or is this going to go down to the end...For now my way to make money will be in hopes a RB comes about so I can short and this way I dont have to make endless entries to lower my average to hold only paper...

Last and my guess is you will not answer this , but I will give it a shot. Rollback do you see it coming ?