I have to ask you this Marine do you think if SD Gold took on a 49% entry imstead of Munday in ICG over a year ago what would our SP be today?

In my eyes our biggest let down to date, has been that we have ignored SD Gold involvement and let them take a lead or at least take a proactive position with news releases.

If SD Gold purpose was to take a small equity position and not use their future cash, energy and talent we failed and being at 22 cents is part of that reason why we have tanked

If ICG has lost this partner and we have to do more RB and sell more paper time after time we will be over 100 mm come late 2013 and the RB the difference is the best way to deal with that is short it like Billy says and all will be good, cause the only thing I feel that can save this is a JV with a major production group and without it , you will be on this board marine in the year of 2017 posting with gold prices at 3,000 TSX index at 19,000 if lucky hahahaha and ICG at 13 cents after 3 rollbacks