Going back to real issues at hand Marine and a question you seem to avoid and that is why had SD GOLD not maintain its equity position with ICG or have added to their investment with ICG.

You cant fool anyone anymore by avoiding that issue and saying SD Gold has limited ability to contribute to ICG and its shareholder or the lack of talent to judge a positive play and to ignore the last four PP or be part of any NR in how many years and correct me if I am wrong two, years.

Do you think, SD Gold could be replaced on this asset by any one person or group example Munday, Salamis, De Jong or any other entity that has the power as them and what has come about , let me gues SD could not afford the 32 PP ?

If SD GOLD was 100% happy with results and liked this pay they would have stepped up and done right because they have more cash on hand to have drilled this out, structure it and mine it and what have they done to date , remained on with what was a 17% equity that has now dropped to below 7% .

The fact that this group sunk its teeth in it and has not been a part of any NR speaks volume of its value and I am sorry to say this Marine SD Gold has more weight in their actions then your hype