Jmgreen/shelby : These drill results were about what I expected, remember when I stated, "" I am more interested in the drilling below 600 m"" the people from Geologica who worked as Geologist at the Lamaque Mine when it was operating, postulated, " the #5 plug possibly being the heat source for the Parallel Zone, #7 Vein and the Forestel Zone" this was below 600m..


From NR

""Drilling at plug No. 5 has focused on defining gold mineralization at 50-metre to 100-metre centres, with a focus on the upper part of the intrusive plug (above 400 m vertical), although significant gold mineralization is being discovered below this level. Results announced today are from the first six holes of a 10,000 m program that began in October, 2012. Eleven holes, total ling 5,000 m, have been completed in this program to date.""


Needless to say, this is not the Mother Load results I was waiting for, all in do time !