I've been a long term observer of this board.  It's been a difficult read with the high degree of vacuous trash talk that commonly takes place.  Knowing the history of everyone's predictions, I'm motivated to weigh in with a dose of my perception of reality before I'm put on ignore by those who disagree.

I'm no expert in the area of oil exploration but I do know that 2 is greater than 1 and 3 is greater than 2, and certainly, that 10 is greater than .80.  So if I'm scoring Gusgold and Robinhood's predictions versus that of many on this board, the score is 10 to zip (or close to it).  Now I see that Gus has had the courage to make a further prediction regarding the prospects in Namibia, the future price of the stock and prospects in the Solimoes.  I'll watch these with great interest.

I look forward to the inevitable speculation on my sexual preferences that will come my way as a result of this post but will take comfort in the fact that most such posts will be heavily misspelled.