Ah.....excuse me Gus.... but I think you have to at the very least, rephrase your latest missive.  There is oil off Namibia, the hypothesis has been proven.  No matter how many times you and others tell falsehoods about it, you simply can't get away from that fact, so quit making yourself look like  a couple of argumentitive fools.  If you want to state that you believe that they won't find oil in commerical quantities off Namibia, then at least you would be stating something that could, possibly, have some eensy, weensy amount of truth in it.   But even at that a betting man would have to side on the liklihood that oil in commerical quantities will eventually be found off Namibia.  At least it appears that around something like 200 odd companies or so certainly think it.  So the question is:  Does one put their marbles in with Robnhood and Gus, the two apparent naysayers (at least on this BB), or with 200 companies or so that are betting their respective futures on finding commercial quantities of oil?  Frankly it doesn't take much of a rocket scientist to figure that one out, especially in light of the fact that you two were the ones saying that the hypothesis would not be proven and you were both 100%, completely, and utterly DEAD WRONG on that one.   I believe in track records; the difference between yours and MM's is that while his is somewhat understandably chequered as he doesn't have a pristine crystal ball, you don't appear to even have anything you can point to that suggests you are remotely close to having a crystal ball or have ever proven anything of substance. Your negativity is just plain old boring and it is pretty clear to me you are simply trying to depress the SP so that you can pick up more shares for cheap.  That tactic is old hat, boring in the extreme, and on the whole quite unsuccessful with respect to similar cases and situations.  It rarely works and frankly just makes you a pair of grumpy old curmudgeons.  If you are going to buy back in for $.25 then you must figure they are going to hit something down there?  Gold, diamonds, commercial gas, the Great Train Robbery proceeds?  Pray tell.....because by admitiing that you are planning to buy in suggests pretty heavily that you know and think there is something of value down there and I would posit you think it is oil.  Not nice to be caught out is it?   And you have been caught with you pants down around your ankles on this one, quite clearly.