i love con@spi@racy theories. I posted earlier.
Stans has some of opposition parties against it, some ruling party thinks they are a legal license holder.
  • They drove stans close to the Ab@bys
  • the recent market and local coditions made it nearly impossible to recover and find investors which stans needs for offtake
  • now, what to do....they made a plan, holding back the court deceision, to give stans the chance for arbitriation 
  • why? it would be easy , maybe even smarter to give stans the license, creating more trouble with environmental issues and let stans pockets dry out so they giving up by themselves
  • the plan: suing, force themselves to give stans 118 mill (theoretically) , at least let stans officially appear as winner.
  • the negotiations behind the curtains are already ongoing
  • bothe sides will be the winner finally. the market SP will gain momentum and off we go
  • stans is a golden goose, they realized this also
This is what I really think. I told David in December about Gvmt attempts to negotiate and such that this will happen, but he didnt  answer me on that.
thats what I think, while bago siiting in his we@lchair, watching hockey and sitting over his 0.01/ share gains and making people desp@erate.