Happy for Lynas Shareholders.  Finally might get steady production apparently with new friendly govt.


Ucore's SP got smacked by the announcement of an options grant.  I am here to gloat, cause I got filled for more, to avg down on it at .235. hehe


I am impressed with how well Stans is holding up.  I still have my bid in though at .155, as I expect the weak hands to drift out again.  Tripling my position hopefully and giving Stans until X-mas again to get rolling. hehe 


The GWG story is getting interesting again with new pledges in South Africa not to nationalize and GWG shaking up their mgmt team.  They also optioned their Cdn Hoidas property to V.SUV, I think it is?


That's all I am covering for now, as my personal life is quite busy.  Kudos to all you like minded diehard Stans holders.  Everyone's DD seems to reveal there is money to be made again on this unique Russian/Canadian hybrid of a company.