anyone read the report about Lynas? They recently reduced Production to 11.000 t/d. Max production 20.000 t/y which equals 30% of the current world demand in light rare earths. Chinas reserves are down to 40% and will at most last for annother 10-15 years something. We will see a shift in Chinas strateg soon. They wont let it happen that western ecconomies are feasting from their table cheap. 

Annother good read (a must read);


 It has been said that chinese scientists are alteady leading in the development of this technology. This technology was introduced by Dr. Searl in the 60's. His invention was also supressed same as Nicola Teslas ( ETT.
I am not a friend of conspiracy theories, but reading this rises questions as: some are worried to loose control. UFO's maybe arent extraterestical but a excuse to hide advanced technology from the public....What do you think ? However if this SEG Searl Generator works, they will need lots of our heavies!!!!