it is interesting to read so much of soft bashing, especially repeatingly always in the same pattern: we got a positive court ruling....its a gamble, but good outlook, what if a Revolution breaks out.....why Stans doesnt have telephone conferencing every 3 month.

Yes, It was a bigger risk than we all immagined 2years ago and it is still a risk until the final court ruling about Kuttesay license has been made.

After that the bashing will go on, about financing and JV and so forth, until we do have some shorts on board and here we go again. We had it all already. With all respect to daytraders, Stans is still a greàt bet and I personally believe in Stans comeback, like a Phoenix from the ashes. The fundamentals havent changed. Stans will still be a potential rare earth metal producer with a great potential for real rare heavy metals and the right chemistry and process.

Yes, I am lucky, as I dont need the money desperatly. So I could hold on forever.  As noone can predict the rare earth market in 1-2 years, a prediction for the SP for that time is only a speculation.  The current SP suggests that some can make a fortune if going in now, similar than 3 years ago. Buying in smart now can only result in profit, except the court ruling isnt in our favour. However, if we are successful the SP might be sustainable once we are closer to production. Making a 3-10 fold of the investment in 2-3 years sounds also not bad, if daytrading you can make a lot more ;) . I am not daytrading, as I am too busy with other things. So good luck to and let live...