Things are looking better, Kulov who was the person putting recent pressure on the license is getting booted... seems he will loose his voice soon.



Kulova thrown out of the "Ar-Namys"?

May 14, 2013
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At this time, received information that the party "Ar-" prepared with the various parties to the extraordinary Qurultay. According to rumors from close range, the main issue Qurultay will choose a new chairman. Most members of the party are not satisfied with the actions of the current party leader Kulovand his impotence. So, no doubt, they will put the issue at the Congress of the choice of a new chairman of the "Ar-'. According to extant information, now there is a secret struggle of three candidates for the position of party leader.


Source: newspaper "Nazar news» ? 13 dated 14.05.2013 / Page 2

For those who don't know the story, here is an article on Kulov and his gang...

The Chinese bought Kyrgyz officials for $ 1.5 million?

May 7, 2013
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These deputies LCD as Nurjan Badykeeva, Kozhobek Ryspaev, Kanybek Imanaliev, are well established for the purpose of cancellation of the license for the deposit Kutessay-2 in the village of Ak-Tuz Kemin. It became known, their souls will not rest until they have taken away the license.

Truth will come to light

LLC "Kutisay Mining" in 2009 bought mine Kutessay-2, together with its license, operating within the law leads. Despite the fact that not one, but two times LLC proved in the Supreme Court, which did not violate the license agreement, a few members of the faction "Ar-" from all sides stipulate a Canadian company, defame her, spreading false information to the public. Not only that, they spread a blatant lie, "is going to sell mine on the Toronto Stock Exchange for 400 million dollars." And they are both members of the legislature to consider the decision of the Supreme Court in favor of the "Kutisay Mining". But they do not care about the court's decision. Meanwhile Nurjan Badykeeva said: "Whatever decision the court did not accept, I agree with him, because I respect the court's decision."

It turns out, saying it's just that, relying on the "dray force." Whether they realized that they could not return the license, but finally broke into question the leader of the "Ar-" and the majority coalition in the LCD Kulov . he openly put pressure on the head of the Agency for Geology Ishimbai Chunueva and came to threats and intimidation, " The license is annulled, but otherwise ... "

As the saying goes, "the secret will be revealed" - it looks like truth will come to light. Background became known that "al-namysovtsy" so sick and worry about mine "Kutessay-2", struggling revealing himself excessive "patriots." It turned out they were not so sick and worry about the state and the people.As it turned out, the whole question lies in their great interest ...

Hired patriots China?

We've written before about the specific interests of the "al-namysovtsev" associated with mine Kutessay-2. But the real reason was not known what these interests, why they clung to the mites deposit Kutessay.The truth about the field Kutessay-2 told the world specialist in underground rare earth elements Alastair Neill.

He told the printed edition «Pro edge wire» said the Chinese investors are trying to take away from Canadian investors deposit Kutessay-2, what tactics are used. According to him, invited him to a meeting of the Chinese leadership, "Baotou Hungbo", which is part of the company «Central Asia Metals», which until 2009 had mine Kutessay-2. At the meeting, President Alastair Neil offered jointly develop the mine Kutessay-2 in Kyrgyzstan. More specifically, said it would invest $ 50 million investment, will own 51% of the company. "Hearing this, I am very surprised. Because he knew very well that the license to mine Kutessay-2 in Kyrgyzstan belongs to the Canadian company "Stans Energy" - I said this, they said, "To take away the license from the Canadians, we gave away $ 1.5 million of one person supreme power in Kyrgyzstan. In any case he would give us a license, it is stated, do not doubt it. " As I work in the industry 18 years, my name is known as a specialist. So politely refused to participate in a questionable project, calling suspicious, do not want to spoil your reputation, "- Nick said Alastair.

Until Nick Alastair guide said Chinese companies are invited to meet the president of "Stans Energy"Robert MacKay, saying the desire to talk about the field Kutessay-2. McKay said he did not mind meeting, but did not understand what does the Chinese company to mine Kutessay-2. The Chinese company then sent several letters to Robert McKay, which traced the tone of intimidation and warnings.For example, in one of those letters is written like this: "If in Kyrgyzstan has not changed the political situation, we would not let go of the license. We are currently participating in the auction to develop the field (at the specified time on the deposit is no auction was conducted - by the author.) If prior to the auction, we will be able to come to an agreement with you, then our costs will decrease, will be beneficial to both parties. But in any event, "Baotou Hungbo" will develop the field Kutessay-2. "

It is established that the license was taken from a Chinese company on a legal basis. Because the company after the license has not done anything for production of the mine. Has not been fulfilled and the license agreement. If we consider that in the production of rare earth elements in the world the percentage of Chinese is 95%, it begs the thought probably they keep mine Kutessay-2 only in order not to give into the hands of competitors. Otherwise, why Chinese investors, being a monopoly in the world in production of rare earth metals, is not revived production of the specified field? And what is the use for Kyrgyzstan, where a license is just like that? Of course not.

Who were given 1.5 million dollars?

Looks like scandal mine Kutessay-2, rests precisely in these 1.5 million. The Chinese said that gave $ 1.5 million to man of power in Kyrgyzstan, and he promised that in any case it will return the license. Then who is this person who has received $ 1.5 million, for which secretly defends the interests of the Chinese people and promised to return their license? Logically, it makes a major "al-namysovtsa" Kulov. Say no other way. We'll see.

We all known enough good disposition Felix Mirza to "green." He is always trying to pick up a large industry with a turnover of money. Not to mention the other, we take only the Civil Service, with her company for the production of passports "Intel Lynx." Despite the noisy scandals of the two bodies, Kulov made again and took them under control. And recently said that he was taken under the influence of the Agency for Architecture, led Kanybek Narbaeva. Looking from this side, may be the cause of heart-rending cries of the deposit "Kutessay-2 only" ar-namysovtsev "are these 1.5 million dollars?

Why, if the license is issued is really illegal if laws are violated, silent other MPs? Or just "ar-namysovtsy" see the difference between legality and illegality? Just the other MPs are very well aware that there are hidden interests, "al-namysovtsev." Therefore, they seem to be suspended, they say, "let them solve their own interests." Moreover, it is understood that the leaders of the other factions in the coalition avoided expressing any opinion on the matter? Why is silent member of the "al-namysovka" Bodosh Mamyrova that never looks indifferently on illicit affairs, negative circumstances? Because Bodosh Aiym not want to be mixed up in such a "false patriotism."

It seems that if it is true that the license is estimated at $ 1.5 million, which were paid for in advance, the "al-namysovtsy" busybodies, nervous, can not fulfill promises, and when in a difficult position, broke their leader, who was forced to drive to Chunueva angle. Who would want to return back 1.5 million dollars ...

Why Badykeeva, Ryspaev, Imanaliev?

When referring to this matter can not be born a legitimate question. In truth, none of them do not understand the mining industry. Undoubtedly, the reason for the performance of "requests" chief Nurjan Badykeevoy and Kozhobekom Ryspaeva is also their interest in the industry. We have to ensure that a close relative of Nurjan Badykeevoy once worked in a Chinese company, Central Asia Metals, and the assistant rope Baialinov - the son of a close friend, colleague Felix Kulov. He is a former shareholder of the said Chinese company. For this reason, Nurjan Aiym making "contribution" to return the license to the Chinese, certainly wants to realize their own interests in the industry.

It is impossible to deny the interests of the deputy Kozhobeka Ryspaeva. Because he himself admitted at a meeting of the LCD that his son owned company operating in the mining industry. And why not have the patronage of the international monopolies - Chinese investors to take them over? But the deputy Kanibek Imanaliev selected for this kind of question, because a native of Kemin district, where the mine Kutessay-2. Even if he did not step foot on mine, but if you raise the issue as a native of this area, it will be safer, more attractive to the people and the public. In this respect, praise the logic of "al-namysovtsev"!

"Ar-namysovtsy" without dignity (Namys - dignity)

No matter what we say, but in this matter desperate acts, "al-namysovtsev" led Kulov, Chinese and 1.5 million dollars - this is not a coincidence and not an accident. Felix myrza always keeps saying: "The last point will put the court" - so why did not recognize the two decisions of the Supreme Court? What is he so harassed like Canadian investor will take away mine Kutessay-2 in Canada? After all, plenty of other illegal, wrong deeds? Why is he on them the same way it is not necessary to finish and does not reach a state official intimidation "to restore law?" Or Felix Sharshenbaevich where there are his own interests, are worthless things such as the interests of the state, the people, the legality?

Oh, if only on all issues, "al-namysovtsy" maintained this dignity, fought to the very end, the situation in Kyrgyzstan with the legality, justice would be much better than today. But, unfortunately, what kind of law, justice, the investment climate could be if led by the leader of the coalition in parliament hinder the formation of law? How can they be called fraction "Ar-" ("honor and dignity"), unless for the sake of defending the interests of a Chinese company trample the laws of Kyrgyzstan? When, at last, "al-namysovtsy" will come to the dignity?


Source: newspaper «De facto» ? 17 dated 03.05.2013 / Page 27