erryl: several is more than 2-3 but  not many. certainly less than 1 month IMO...lets just agree to disagree here.


however, its nice to read that you agree to some of my comments. Most/ or many of the readers here on our board are invested in Stans for quite a while, smart and knowledable enough to read between the lines, able to distinguish between pumping/bashing, optimism/pessimism reality and fictionary posting. So bashing will not really have notable impacts anymore, as also pumping with fairy tales isnt really useful (usefool). a interesting  time where bashers almost dissapeared ( or maybe I have those on ignore..I dont know) and we are reduced to comment between what is true, might be true and what are just rumors. Since the license issue (IMO it was the most critical issue lst year) is off the table, we can only discuss what could be the content of the next press and company release. the news might be not as great as we hope, but after  beginning of October (last real info with impact) Stans was not sleeping and I expect a good story to be announced.