David, I think you ask the right question here.  The RE market of junior miners has collapsed, not just our stock. There is almost no way that they can attract new money with collapsing metals prices and Chinese manipulation of the RE market from both a supply and consumption side.  I think that the projects that will succeed are those that will go ahead almost regardless of the economics.  For example, Japan will go out and finance non-Chinese sources of RE's regardless of near term profit, because as a nation they can't be dependent on China for their supply.  I think that you may see the US DOD do the same with Ucore and Molycorp.  Russia is moving ahead apparently with government funding.  There are some small projects where RE's are now in the waste stream of other mines... you will see new separation technology recover that resource.  Recycling should get off the ground.  There are projects that will move ahead despite the deteriorating economic case.  It would be good for us and Kyrg if Stans was one of those projects that moves forward despite the bad news afflicting most of the jr miners.  I recall Putin even saying that Kyrg had to do more to protect foreign investment if they were going to attract Russian investment into their country... little alone western money (my words not Putin's).  

For those expecting a big bump on a status update from Stans... I haven't commented for fear of being called a crazy basher (again).  I want an update as much as anybody, but what we really need is not something you will find in a status update.  We need a deep pocket financial partnership.  The only such alliance that I can imagine would be Russian (either governmental or a rich multi-billionare) or Japanese (we haven't heard a word suggesting this).  I don't see private equity financing or debt financing as being practical in this environment.  I don't see any big bounce unless this can happen.  

Some mining juniors can just sit back with a low burn rate and wait for the junior mining market to turn... and then float another equity issuace to move forward.  I don't think we have that "luxury."  I think that if we stop making progress at the site because we run out of money, Kyrg will terminate the lease and try to get someone else to restart the mine.  Restarting the mine is and should be their number one goal.  We have to succeed and relatively soon.  I think success would be knowing how we are going to pay for getting the site up and running.