IMO. It is not new NEWS that there is an interdepartmental committee. There have been (maybe still are) several committees checking out our work and license. This was stated clearly by COO Boris in a recently published interview.

Only in the last two years, the Agency for Geology was established more than three committees to check our work, but the decision on the merits will not be accepted. Recently, we learned that in the depths of the Ministry of Economy, an interdepartmental committee involving security forces, which verifies our activities, but for some reason, this commission is classified. …


To me it seems that today there is only one small piece of new information, but this information has to be double checked and confirmed by someone we trust. I am talking about this one line in a today’s Tazabek article. This was just a side line, but if it is the truth it just tells us, someone has made a decision. It is not saying what kind or direction of decision.

By "Kutessay Mining" I.Chunuev said interdepartmental commission met and already decided.



Stans always going straight with the Kyrgyz laws, this decision should not bother us. If it is a decision in our favor it will just shorten up our way to move on, if not – management will solve this issue to satisfy shareholders interest.

By the way, no one honestly can expect an answer from management about this before they did their homework on that issue and before the next official corporate update.

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