Some were dealing with alleged information want us to believe that comes from officials working for Stans. Furthermore they want us to believe an corporate update with this information is very close to be announced. Everybody who knows the disclosure requirements, looking for shareholder value and equal shareholder rights has to involve the regulatory authority if that is the case.

Every shareholder or stakeholder can ask the company about anything. Stans can answer but is not allowed to give information that maybe can affect its pricing of shares before an official announcement has been made.

I am happy that was obviously a fake and become more likely a fake when more users received the same email.

I personally do not believe that Stans will give an statement about allegations they maynbe had to deal with. After 16 years in public affairs I know that those corporates speaking out loud about these problems in such countries those are no longer ahead.

I await an update how a restart of a working program can be look like.

They lost a lot of time and had a lot of trouble and I hope they could manage these problems.

This is my opinion if there are other opinions no problems.