Opencurtain's last two posts give us two tantalizing clues about what's going on. First, opencurtain asks for enlightened viewpoints on the Chinese overtures of mineral and technological cooperation with Kyrgyzstan as well as their offer to give loans to fix roads in Kyrgyzstan. I'm not enlightened, but there is a pattern here. The Chinese DO NOT want Kyrgyzstan to sign on to the Eurasian pact of ex-Soviet republics with Moscow. This is understandable given the view that there may be punishing tariffs and regulations between the western provinces in China and Kyrgyzstan. So the Chinese act nice and offer infrastructure. (We can't tell if there are other ulterior motives like acquisition of REE sites - that's good conspiracy fodder).

  Next, we hear about the Kumtor Mine. According to Kyrgyz agencies, there is no way an agreement from 2009 can be reneged on unless they go for "denunciation" of the prior contract. Oh, great!  All they have to do is vote for "denunciation"!  We don't know if this convenient option exists for agreements made after the April 2010 government change. I hope not. (Thanks relax for pointing out that our licenses were signed AFTER the government change - my bad.)  But there is fluidity here. Factions may think they have leverage.  We can see the two big boys jockeying, China and Russia.    Still long, but it's going to be verrrry interesting.   GLTA