This is my own personal understanding, view, and analysis on the Stans Energy Corp.

I guess this is a great opportunity for speculators. The momentum is built up and is awaiting for the signal (news release) to either take the share price down or up.  If the news release  satisfies investors expectations the share price will start to rise up as long as the upward momentum lasts. Yes, it will eventually fall and average down because a single good news release won't tank the share price to the new average highs unless if something significant is released that will add a significant value to the company (such as BFS or anything else of similar importance) in the investors eyes.

One of the problems that we might encounter is that if the news release ends up being good (stating/forecasting positive progress/changes) it's still  might not satisfy investors expectations therefore resulting in the share price going down. One of the factors that might cause this is the unresolved political risk that the company is currently facing.

In my opinion Stans Energy is undervalued. They have $29,484,351in assets and almost no liability (financial statement Nov. 29, 2012). They also possess on of the leading technologies in REE processing and stand in good relationship with VNIIHT. Their current Market Cap. is 58.97m which is a total joke. I dont even consider the accusations that were put forward by Nurzhan Badykeeva a political risk. The license were acquired in a legal way. Period!  She can be compared to an ex wife who went on a personal vendetta against her husband because he left her for someone else and now she tryes to cause him nuisance in any possible way.


I borrowed this article from NYfootballer. A clip from Byron King on his interview with the Critical Metals Report Dec 2012.
On the technical side of things, Stans worked hard to prove up the extractive metallurgy to pull out the REEs, especially the high-value HREEs. It has actually produced ingots of erbium, terbium, gadolinium and certain other elements. It has produced end-use, high-purity, high-quality elements. I mean real metal! So Stans has the ability to produce saleable elements using its processes. Nobody else in the non-Chinese world can make that claim. Only Ucore comes close.