I think that we are all just speculating what is going on until we get the Stans update.  No sense getting our shorts in a bind until we hear what they have to say.

I think that if the license was going to be suspended, we would have heard that already. I am not expecting that outcome... and for the pumper jerks, I am still long.

I think that as long as the company is making good progress onsite, it is in almost everyone's best interest to let us continue working at the site.  It would certainly be a big boost to see a profit sharing/tax agreement for the future, but that may be too much to ask for... it might require new laws as the gov't seems to want consistency in the law as a way to avoid graft.

The Russians are starting to make noises about developing rare earth assets on their own property.  I am not sure they feel comfortable doing business in Kg either.  It is now viewed as one of the worst jurisdictions to mine in the world.  I don't see how we can attract new capital to Stans unless they change their ways big time.  It has always been reassuring to me that Stans has had a good relationship with the locals near the mine.  The federal gov't is another story... and not a good one.

Who knows where the Chinese are coming from... they are sniffing around every commodity asset globally.  They can see the day when they will be a net consumer of RE's.  The gov't defends itself against unfair trade practices by saying other countries should develop their own resources... then behind the scenes they do everything they can to prevent the efforts from succeeding.