Looking forward to an update from Stans & I hope to see this company $1 + in 2013 !!

A clip from Byron King on his interview with the Critical Metals Report Dec 2012.

Stans waged a tough struggle at the political levels and in the court system of Kyrgyzstan. About two months ago, Stans won every phase of its court cases. Every claim that the other side threw at Stans was dismissed. Right now, the Stans mineral claims are as strong, as tight, as well versed, as heavily protected as they have ever been. In this sense, Stans has done a splendid job of derisking the claims politically.

On the technical side of things, Stans worked hard to prove up the extractive metallurgy to pull out the REEs, especially the high-value HREEs. It has actually produced ingots of erbium, terbium, gadolinium and certain other elements. It has produced end-use, high-purity, high-quality elements. I mean real metal! So Stans has the ability to produce saleable elements using its processes. Nobody else in the non-Chinese world can make that claim. Only Ucore comes close.