All I know is that I am not some big time investor.  I believe in Stans and will stand by them.  Yes I am nervous but that is human nature.  As for questioning the email I posted.  I fail to understand.  I don't play games and for the most part do not post.  I emailed David on Jan. 21, 2013 I then received an email indicating that he was out.  On Feb 5, I received the email from him.  Thought I should post it.  Obviously I am questioning that move.

I think everyone needs to chill out.  I play no games.  The email is what I received and posted.  i posted it to form some kind of discussion.  I alsway like to hear what the educated posters on this board think.  I am new to this and cut my teeth on a couple of stocks, this one being my most invested.

BTW Kettl_a this reply is not intended for you....I just replied to the subject.  I enjoy your insight and always welcome your thoughts.  You and another couple on the board is why I return to it.

Again, I only presented the board with what was sent BY DAVID.