just to recall:

20 yerars licenced open Pit hard rock Mining with around 50% HREE/MLREE ratio

top Ranking basket price

on of the most Advanced Technologies to separate and produce precious rare earth metals of 99, 9xx% purity

the first rare earth Metal Producer from Mine to product outside China (See press Reports) 09/2012

existing and still functional processing Equipment in Place (See above...)

Start commercial Production 2013/14 (Ref to Stans Website)

company owned railway terminal

debtfree, with around 15 Mill USD Cash in Bank ( not 500 Mill to 1Bill Debts like some other competitors)

Personal Comment:

This Company comes currently with a market cap of 60 Million???????? But worth 80-100x the value??

i am just a simple minded Investor, but maybe something wrong with the numbers or Investors thinking? Maybe not the immediately fast Cash returns, maybe the market not Down to earth from quick bucks to Real Investor behavior. I dont know.