Just received this email from david, not sure if he sent the same to other, have not had time to review the board.Hello XXXXX, I have just returned from Kyrgyzstan and will comment as follows. 1. The reports coming from Kyrgyzstan that our licences is being revoked have been ongoing since June 25, 2012. This was the day that Rep Badykeeva commission first ‘demanded’ that our licence be revoked, then recommended that it be done. Stans management took this to court and was victorious in our case. Since that time her position on the company has not changed and continued reports surface constantly in the Kyrgyz media that some ‘commission’ ‘court case’, etc. is in the process of revoking/annulling etc. our licence. NO SUCH ACTIONS ARE OCCURING. Other than Sm Badykeeva’ s continued attempts to spread false information regarding the company and its operations. As part of our recent visit to KG we conducted an extensive PR campaign to straighten out the false accusations being put forth and to demonstrate that facts as to her true motivations in blocking company progress. The postings you refer to on Stockhouse are repostings of poorly translated articles, based on false information, and in some cases directly planted in the media to discredit the company. The company will not respond to these claims directly. 2. We are working on issuing a corporate update in the immediate near term to outline recent developments and short term plans for production readiness at Kutessay II. Once that update is ready and published, I would be more than happy to go through it with you point by point to fully explain and answer any specific questions you may have. Regards,DavidGLTA I.B.>