Yes David, I share your pain!  I first bought in at $2.28 Jan 27th.2011 and through to Sept 27. 2011 I averaged down to $0.94. Since then, I'm been in a hold position and I will neither  add nor sell until the murky poltical situation is clarified.  The recent open letter  by Rodney Irwin, Chairman of the Board of Directors Stans Energy to the President of the Kyrgyz  Republic Almazbek Atambayev,  to me as a shareholder, serves to show  the situation is more serious/murky  than HREE management thought it was a few weeks ago. Rodney Irwin was  formerly Canada's ambassador to Russia . He obviously has his contacts and knows how to play the political scene. Ending on a positive note, as I understand it, HREE has all the required permits in place, the most advanced metallugy, 12 million in cash, no debts, a favourable lower court across the board ruling and  great management team. Hence I'm in a firm hold position.